What A Week!

This week Frontier Incursion went on sale. And for a brief moment, (well two days, actually). it was a number one bestseller on amazon.com.au and also Kobo. It was a very exciting moment, so I took a screenshot just to make sure I never forget.

It’s an exciting moment for an author, even if it’s fleeting. It gives visibility to the book, and if people buy it and like it, then it’s possible they’ll buy its sequels.

My Facebook page has had increased visits, and some lovely PMs from people who’ve enjoyed the stories of Shanna and her Starcats. I really appreciate it when people pop by and do so. It’s very kind when people do that, and I really like it.

Many thanks to everyone who bought it. If you’ve ever wondered what I write, then maybe give it a go. It’s still on sale for a little while longer, and you can pick it up on all platforms.

Besides, who doesn’t want to read about 100kg glow in the dark cats who can vanish at will, but still like to sleep on the bed?

4 thoughts on “What A Week!

  1. I was one who bought Frontier Incursion on sale and I was blown away by it! So much so that I’ve bought the other two books. Will be following you!

  2. I too bought Frontier Incursion through Bookbub and went onto puchase the other 2 books. I was very sad when I finished the series, it has been my ‘go to’ for a few weeks I will miss the characters, especially thise lovely cats, oh well, my ginger moggy Garf will have to do.

    • So glad you enjoyed the starcats 😊. Nosey, Socks and Boots (grey tabby, brown and white tabby, and fluffy sock deliverer) say ‘Hi’ to Garf!

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