Enid Blyton, George, and Feminism

A couple of nights ago, I was pounding the streets for exercise with a friend. We'd been chatting to distract ourselves while we scaled some of the steeper streets, and were discussing the books we loved as children. Our conversation turned to our shared love of Enid Blyton.As we headed towards home, we were discussing … Continue reading Enid Blyton, George, and Feminism


Life and Death and Easter

It's been a weekend of mixed feelings, topping off a couple of weeks of sadness and tiredness. In my non-writing life, I'm a physiotherapist. I spend three days a week working with injured and unwell people. I often work with people in pain, but it's most commonly physical pain. Most of them get better, which … Continue reading Life and Death and Easter

A Day at the Newcastle Writers Festival

I spent yesterday at the Newcastle Writers Festival, attending several sessions and catching up with a Goodreads friend. I've always enjoyed reading Kate Forsyth's books, so when I discovered that she was speaking at two sessions, it was more than I could resist. Having heard her speak previously at the NSW Writers Centre Speculative Fiction … Continue reading A Day at the Newcastle Writers Festival