A Moment of Respite

“Come on you lazy thing!” Sarah extended a hand, and pulled Aaron the last few steps up the sloping granite rock face above the peppermint scrub.  He dropped his pack beside hers, and the two of them turned towards the panorama spread out below.  A small breeze flicked the hair escaping from under Sarah’s hat, … Continue reading A Moment of Respite


A Walk Down Memory Lane – my review of “Mates at Billabong” by Mary Grant Bruce

I picked this book up for free on Amazon, and decided to take a walk down memory lane with it, and also read it as part of my contribution to the AWWC 2013. I first read it as a child in the seventies, when my mother introduced me to Mary Grant Bruce's Billabong books. I … Continue reading A Walk Down Memory Lane – my review of “Mates at Billabong” by Mary Grant Bruce


It's 180 years since the passing of the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833, and last night I sat and listened to a gentleman from Nepal talk about his organisation's efforts to rescue and rehabilitate Nepalese women and girls from a life of sex slavery.Although for many years I've known that trafficking continues to occur all … Continue reading People

Happy Birthday Dad

 On July 29th, my Dad turned 80.  Yesterday we had an 80th Birthday Party, full of food, drink and lots of chatting.  I've been thinking quite a lot about Dad over the last week, remembering all kinds of things.  The cackling laugh that used to scare the living daylights out of us during tense moments … Continue reading Happy Birthday Dad