How Being Ordinary is Wonderful

Years ago, when we lived in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia, we were briefly part of a bushwalking and abseiling business. We'd transferred some of our skills as part of the local SES Vertical Rescue team into a small business venture. At the time, I was an instructor and team leader in vertical rescue, … Continue reading How Being Ordinary is Wonderful



I'm in the middle of editing the manuscript for Frontier Resistance, and I'm finding it an interesting process, the second time around. It's not enormously different, but it is less confronting and less daunting. I've spoken at a few events about my first book, and I've usually described the manuscript acceptance notification as "interesting."  There's … Continue reading Editing

After the First Published Book

Frontier Incursion was published at the end of 2012, and for the better part of the last fifteen months I've been writing nearly every day.When I began writing Frontier Incursion, I thought I'd finish the whole story in one book.  After I'd written about 150,000 words I realised that I wasn't anywhere near the end at … Continue reading After the First Published Book