Moments of Happiness

I was pondering what to write tonight, when I began to think about all of the things create so much joy and happiness.  It's very easy to write about stuff that presses my buttons and infuriates me, probably because those emotions are so well defined, and often push their way through to the fore.  And … Continue reading Moments of Happiness


Why Do I Like Audiobooks So Much?

I've noticed that people generally have a love/hate relationship with audiobooks.  Being both a reader and a writer, I'm obviously a lover of books, and I definitely come down on the side of loving audiobooks.There are a number of reasons I enjoy them, but at this very moment, the major reason I'm enjoying an audiobook … Continue reading Why Do I Like Audiobooks So Much?

What Makes Us Do The Things We Do?

I've just been watching 60 Minutes, and there's currently a segment on retracing Ernest Shackleton's footsteps.  A modern day Australian explorer is being interviewed about why he and his team recreated Shackleton's journey using only the equipment, food and clothing available to Shackleton.  At one point the interviewer asks "If we were somewhere starving, would … Continue reading What Makes Us Do The Things We Do?