I was perusing the NSW Writers Centre newsletter yesterday and was intrigued to find in the “Opportunities for Writers” section, a piece entitled “Can you Sci-ku?” If you have a look here, you’ll find the RiAus, who describe themselves as “RiAus is Australia’s unique national science hub, promoting public awareness and understanding of science. At RiAus we make science fun, inspiring and accessible for all Australians. We do this by producing online content, public events, and education and teacher support programs. RiAus helps people discover the wonders of science, inspiring a new generation to learn and appreciate the importance of science in their daily life.”

Being a physiotherapist as well as an author, I was immediately intrigued about the idea of haiku-ing Science, and set to work immediately to produce a haiku based around physiotherapy.  

I ended up with this:

The ligament tears                                                                                                               Swelling and bruising abound                                                                                         Cryotherapy

Anyway, if you think you can Sci-ku, you might like to enter the contest, but instead of physio based haikus you’ll have to base yours around mathematics and statistics.  It took me a while, but I finally entered one.  I do not expect to win, because I have discovered that I’m definitely not gifted in the realms of mathematical or statistical haikus… But it was fun, and I’ll be intrigued to see what a decent one sounds like.

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