2014 Challenge – sign-up now open

2014 Challenge - sign-up now open. I participated in the 2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge.  It was a great experience, and I found a number of new favourite authors - always a good thing!  It's an excellent way to shine the spotlight on Australian Women Writers, and I'd encourage everyone to give it a go. … Continue reading 2014 Challenge – sign-up now open


Reading, Writing and High school.

We have a son who has just finished his highschooling.  As he waited for his exam results, I thought once again about the joy of reading.  I love reading.  It's a whole world of escape, excitement, beauty, thoughtfulness, joy and sadness that I can wander off in.  We've had two kids go all the way … Continue reading Reading, Writing and High school.

Why I Like Christmas

Today is December the 8th, and Christmas is coming.  I love Christmas.  I love the tinsel, carols and cooking, the lights, the smells and the fun.  Most of all, I love the Christmas story.  This blog hasn't featured anything about my personal belief system, but today I decided that I'd write about it.  Personal beliefs … Continue reading Why I Like Christmas

Why Do I Like Audiobooks So Much?

I've noticed that people generally have a love/hate relationship with audiobooks.  Being both a reader and a writer, I'm obviously a lover of books, and I definitely come down on the side of loving audiobooks.There are a number of reasons I enjoy them, but at this very moment, the major reason I'm enjoying an audiobook … Continue reading Why Do I Like Audiobooks So Much?

What Makes Us Do The Things We Do?

I've just been watching 60 Minutes, and there's currently a segment on retracing Ernest Shackleton's footsteps.  A modern day Australian explorer is being interviewed about why he and his team recreated Shackleton's journey using only the equipment, food and clothing available to Shackleton.  At one point the interviewer asks "If we were somewhere starving, would … Continue reading What Makes Us Do The Things We Do?

As I Sit

As I sit, I can hear a myriad of birds proclaiming their news to the world.  In the background, the washing machine is ticking away, sloshing the dirt from our clothes, and every now and then, one of the dogs peers hopefully through the flyscreen, trying to entice me out of my writing chair and … Continue reading As I Sit