A Slightly Belated Post and a New Release.

I’ve been a little absent from my blog for the last few weeks. Firstly there was the Scone Literary Long Weekend, which you can read about in the post below, which I reblogged from Kaz Delaney’s site, and then the worst thing that can happen to a writer happened. (Well, maybe not, but I think it was pretty bad.)

My computer died.

Not just a tiny little hiccough of illness, but complete and utter death. The grey screen (I have a MacBook Pro) of death with the flashing folder with the question mark struck terror into my soul.

First thoughts: “When did I last backup?”

“Did that backup actually work?”

“Maybe it didn’t work and I’ll have lost it all!


Rapidly followed by, “Oh no! What if it’s totally and utterly dead? What if I need a new laptop? And how much will it cost to fix?”

This year has been the year of disasters for us. So far the body count goes something like this. New dishwasher. New hot water system. New brakes for the car. Medical bills for everyone. Flooded bathroom, bedroom and spare room. And now computer death.

You can imagine the pain our bank account has felt this year. My husband and I sat down and looked at each other, and both of us decided that it would be really nice to be able to put something into the bank account rather than taking it out, some day in the future.

Fortunately Apple was very nice to me, and replaced my hard drive for free, despite the laptop being out of warranty. Something about customer satisfaction, they said. That works for me! So now, after restoring everything from backup, checking that all the important things were still there, and working my way through seven hundred (yes, 700!) emails, I am now back up and running. (No pun intended!)

During my disconnected time, I realised how much I’m accustomed to being connected. I still had my phone, but replying to an email on a phone is very awkward, at least for me.

And of course, while I was disconnected, a group of author friends and myself published a Halloween Anthology. It’s called The Cat the Crow and the Cauldron and is free on Amazon. My story is called Roast Pumpkin. So, with no further ado, here’s the cover art, and the link. Pop on over and pick it up!

Screenshot 2015-10-20 13.38.52

The Cat the Crow and the Cauldron on Amazon

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