General Stuff

I’ve neglected my blog a bit lately – mostly due to holidaying overseas, playing catch up on a few things when we returned, and being fairly heavily involved in our town’s production of The Sound of Music. Apart from helping with some of the singing stuff, I’m also Sister Margaretta – the nun who says “Maria makes me laugh.”

On the writing front, I’ve a second draft fantasy story out with some test readers for their thoughts and comments, a short story about to be released in the Novascapes 2 Anthology, and I’m working on another longish short story for a prospective anthology, put together by a group on Goodreads.

I also have another sci-fi story two thirds done, and a few other short stories that I’ll attempt to place somewhere this year. I always remind myself that there’s a home for every story somewhere, but that sometimes you have to knock on a few doors before one opens.

Frontier Defiant, book three in the Frontier Trilogy will be published this year, probably around the middle of the year, and that will bring the trilogy to a close. I could take the story up again, as I’ve left enough room to do so, and a couple of the minor characters keep waving their hands at me, so I might do that at some point, but I’ll have to think about whether I should, or work on something different.

I’m also off to Contact 2016, Australia’s National Science Fiction Convention, at Easter, which I’m really looking forward to.

I plan to blog more regularly again, now that the first two months of 2016 have galloped past. Just have to find enough time…

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