Catching Up on Reading and Other Stuff

Now that Frontier Defiant is finally launched and winging its way through the world, I’ve taken the opportunity to do a little more reading.

Often when I’m editing or writing furiously, I read stuff that’s familiar – old favourites, like Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, or Brandon Sanderson. I like a good comfort read, rediscovering old friends, and gaining insights into the familiar characters, that I didn’t discover on my first read.

Recently however, I’ve been reading a few new things. I like to refuel my own creativity by dipping into the works of others, meeting new favourites and marvelling at an author’s ability to worldbuild and develop characters.

Recently, I’ve read Patty Jansen‘s Ambassador 5: Blue Diamond Sky, Pierce Brown‘s Red Rising and Jack Campbell‘s Dauntless, from his Lost Fleet Series. I’ve also become hooked on Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London (PC Grant) series.(I’d link directly to his website, but it appears to be down right now.)

If you’re interested in what I thought of them, you’ll find my reviews on Goodreads. Of course, like any reader, I like some books better than others, and even dislike some.

At the same time, I’m writing. Book 2 of the Fantasy series I’m currently working on, is up on my laptop as I type, as I’m taking a little break from it to write this post. (Procrastination – a writer’s best friend.) I’m also still working on a few short stories, as one day I hope to master this form. This could be a while coming. Maybe I should do a course…

At some point I want to finish a Sci-fi novel I’ve been working on as well, as it’s a bit of a departure from the other stuff I’ve written. It’s actually set in space (mostly) and features an adult character.

Basically, I think I need more hours in my days, or time in my life. It’s times like this that I wish a time turner was real. Then I could work, eat and sleep, and even exercise, and still have time to sit down and write every day without noticing that the ironing isn’t done, and that the grass is attempting to take over the universe.

Oh well, we can’t have it all, so I shall continue to look at the basket of ironing, ignore the grass, and write the afternoon away today. Happy Labour Day long weekend, Australians, and my condolences to those of you who don’t have one.


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