Singing Her Home

It’s been a while since I posted. For two weeks my husband and I travelled around Tasmania, and then, when we returned home, a good friend of ours passed away unexpectedly.


What is it about music that strikes so deeply into our souls? Our friend was a musician, who taught and nurtured piano players. She was known for her love of music, and also for her caring nature and her steadfast faith.

At her funeral today there was music – music in many different forms and colours. From the pipe organ that she’d learnt to play over the last few years, playing traditional hymns as people came into the church, to contemporary Christian music, music from musicals, orchestral music, and Handel’s Hornpipe, so often played at weddings, and now as a celebration of a life well lived.

Music rang out strongly throughout the service, and then throughout the afternoon. The words of the songs drove deep into our hearts, and as the congregation sang them, we were reminded of the hope that the believer holds in their heart, and the strength of our shared faith.

I’m sitting here feeling exhausted and emotionally wrung out, yet still, very much at peace. I sang today, in the company of many others, the favourite songs of our friend. Each phrase was an emotional journey, but in the end, the words of hope, and the soaring tunes took me somewhere else – into that place of hope where we meet again and make heavenly music together once more.

We truly did sing her home.


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