Cats and Recovery

I’m sitting here with one leg up, recovering from the wide local excision I had a couple of days ago. A month ago, I had a melanoma in situ removed. Now I’ve had the extra excision so that it doesn’t come back and to ensure that the area is clear.

Yesterday was a bit of an ordinary day in terms of discomfort, however I’m reminded that there are a lot of other people out there whose melanoma wasn’t discovered until it was much further along.

It’s taken me quite a while to process all of this, as sitting in a doctor’s surgery hearing “Your pathology’s back, and unfortunately it’s a melanoma – but if you have to have one, it’s the best type to have!” is somewhat disconcerting.

There were a few moments of disbelief followed by the reality of realising that if I hadn’t had a skin check, things would most likely have turned out somewhat differently. As it is, hopefully on Wednesday my pathology will be back and those wide margins will be confirmed to be all clear. (The original margins were clear, but they were quite small, and the wide excision reduces the chance of recurrence.)

So, if you’re reading this – make sure you have regular skin checks! And yes, I know I’ve said that before 🙂

Anyway, to add to that, I’ve been buried underneath cats for the last two days. Why is it when you’re unwell/recovering, they feel the need to sit/lie/stand upon you?

I’ve just removed one (our least cuddly one) from my shoulder. Another is snoring on the couch next to me. The other one has used every opportunity to sit on me and lie on me – he’s the cuddliest.

Perhaps they believe it’s their mission in life? Who knows, but although it’s rather loving, it can be slightly awkward at times!

Photo on 25-8-17 at 4.54 pm



2 thoughts on “Cats and Recovery

  1. If we only knew what the cats know, maybe we wouldn’t even need to have a doctor to visit. Cats have an uncanny way of wanting to make you feel better and as a rule, they do a good job of it unless they start making biscuits on your stomach, and the claws go a little too deep. We have a cat, or she has us, going on 17 years old. She’s with my wife constantly trying to console her and make her day better. Prayers for you getting walking and to be cured completely.

    • Got to love cats! And thanks for your prayers. I should be fine, as for most people with an in situ and clear margins, that’s the end of it 🙂 Just got to get the stitches out and I’ll be right!

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