It’s Raining!

I’m sitting here listening to the rain. It’s cool, and we’ve already had over 20mm.

Why is this so significant? This is the driest February for many years, and it’s been constantly hot and dry nearly all summer. We do expect to be hot, here in Australia, but in this region (The Upper Hunter) we have heat, followed by a break, followed by heat, and usually along the way we have some rain.

2017 had a dry winter, and we had very little Spring rain. Normally we have quite a few thunderstorms, but this year we had very few.

Last Tuesday, we had 6mm, and that was almost the first rain this month, apart from a few drops the week before. Our land has been dry and dusty, and the ground has been cracking. We’ve been putting water out for the birds, and there’s been roo poo on the front garden, which is a first for us. Even the kangaroos have been on peoples’ lawns, coming in to eat the green pick.

When I went into the cinema with a friend this afternoon, to see I, Tonya, it was still dry, but with some nice looking clouds around. Despite the magnificent acting from Margot Robbie, the movie itself was saddening, and rather dark, but coming out to see that there had been substantial rain, lifted my spirits remarkably.

Our farmers have been desperate for rain this year. Many have had to sell much of their stock, retaining only breeders, so hopefully we’ll have more than just the one day of decent dampness.

But just in case, I’m going to sit here, listening to the sound of rain on the roof, birds singing happily, and smell the lovely wet earth smell that only comes with rain.


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