New Book Coming This Year! And Other Stuff.

I think that recently, nearly all of my widely scattered blog posts have been about being busy, and as I sit here, cat parked upon me, I’m contemplating just how many evenings I’ll have at home this week. That would be…one…

And of course I have a new book coming out this year. That does mean that the book is already written, and is with the publisher, and is being edited, but it doesn’t mean that book two of the series has been completely written. Draft One is done, but now I’m half way through redrafting, while I’m (why did I do this?) preparing to sing in French, German, Italian and English in next week’s Eisteddfod, working, walking, rehearsing for church music, and doing all the normal stuff like choir, exercise and…..oh…..housework….

Of course the reason I decided to Eisteddfod was to make sure I really practiced – which it absolutely has done. But unfortunately my plus fifty year old brain doesn’t seem to have the effortless memorisation skills that my twenty something one did. Particularly in another language.

Anyway, back to the new book! The brief has just gone off to the cover artist, which is very exciting, and sometime in the next months I’ll be flat out working through the edits and proofreading. This story came about as a result of a writers’ group stimulus. The stimulus was ‘purple.’ I wrote my 500 words (which is what we do at writers’ group) and after I’d looked at it, thought: I think this is a book! It was, and about 80,000 words later, wrote the final words, having created a new world, new characters, and an entire religion.

Now I’m deep into the rest of the series, sorting out exactly how many more books this one will take, and contemplating a wander back to Frontier and its starcats, which I never meant to do. But probably will, because there are more stories I’d like to write there.

And then I had this idea about a musical/play. So I began that too, yesterday. I’ve taken to beginning things so I don’t forget them, and then at some point if they’ve kept playing on my mind, turning them into proper stories. I have at least six or seven of these beginnings now, along with a pile of short stories that are slowly turning into a completely different novel.

Oh well. Anyway, time to sign off from this very random blog post. Still hoping it might rain here in the near future.



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