When Is Enough Enough? (Or why should young women expect to be groped or harassed every time they go out?)

I think it’s the perfect day to reblog this.

Leonie Rogers

As regular followers of my blog probably know, I have a bit of a feminist bent. My last post was about heading off to celebrate our daughter’s twenty-first birthday in the town where she attends university.

Over the last few days we’ve been chatting and catching up, and one of the subjects that came up was going out for the evening to a pub or club to go dancing. Our daughter enjoys dancing, doesn’t tend to drink when she’s out because she always has to drive home, and doesn’t go out a lot, but like many young women, enjoys the occasional night out.

But she tells me that pretty well every time she goes out, she and her female friends have to fend of ‘handy’ young men. It’s not unusual, it’s just what happens all the time.

There are apparently a number of techniques that these young men use…

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3 thoughts on “When Is Enough Enough? (Or why should young women expect to be groped or harassed every time they go out?)

  1. I’ve had similar issues with my daughter, so a lot of this sounds very familiar. My daughter is currently 18 but she’s been telling me these kinds of horror stories ever since she started to going to bars and nightclubs.
    She inherited my large cup size so she does get quite a lot of breast-related comments and approaches. Boys seem to treat girls with large breasts as a new species of animal or something. Very weird.

    The biggest problem she’s had amongst her friends is that they try and watch out for one another but they can’t agree on what’s unacceptable behaviour and how they should respond to various infractions. Like when should you slap someone for their unwelcome hands? Or when should you go even further and knee them in the balls?

    • I think that when you’ve said no, anything further is effectively sexual assault. And if you didn’t request someone’s hands to wander, then that is also assault. I really get hot under the collar when young men feel so entitled that they don’t ask. No-one wants to be randomly groped.

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