I Hear a Sock

This is a phrase commonly heard in our house. In fact, I thought it just now.

I’m sure it’s not commonly heard in most houses, because generally, socks don’t make much noise. I suppose you could say that some socks make noises – if they’re being worn inside you might possibly hear sliding type noises as someone skates past. But normally, socks just lie there, in pairs or half pairs.

Actually, mostly half pairs, because the other half of the pair is usually lost, or will be lost at some point. I often wonder how this happens.

Anyway, ‘I hear a sock,’ is said in our house daily. Sometimes we say it multiple times.

Some people have cats who bring them mice, or frogs, or various prey. Our indoor cat brings us socks. Occasionally she’ll bring a toy mouse. Once she brought a ball of wool. Generally, it’s socks.

And as she brings them, she meows. Loudly. The first time it happened I thought something must be wrong with her, because of the intensity of the sound. Now, I suspect she’s just proclaiming her hunting prowess to the world at large.

She brings so many socks at night, that I sometimes wonder when she has time to sleep.

Here’s the sock I was just brought. It’s one of my favourites.

And she’s very proud.

When she brings them at night to our bedroom, she likes to hop onto the bed carrying them, and then kneads and purrs vigorously. As long as you don’t actually look at her. If you look at her, she immediately drops the sock and pretends it was entirely for you and that the kneading and purring was not happening at all. I have no idea why she does this.

She extricates socks from our clean washing, our dirty washing, and our bedroom drawers (we have wire baskets), and sometimes it must take a lot of effort – particularly on a big sock day.

I thought it might be nice to have something other than world events to read today, as 2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years so far. This is Boots, one of our three cats. The other two are Nosey (grey tabby), and Socks (coincidence of naming, not deliberate – white and brown tabby).

Socks is the queen of sunlight.

Nose likes to ‘help’ me write.

We are blessed with helpful pets. Sock delivery, writing assistance, snoring, warming us up, and wet noses. All the things. 😊😊😊

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