An Introspective Afternoon

I’ve been having a bit of an introspective afternoon today. There’s a lot of Covid stuff happening in Australia right now, and suffice it to say, that I was having a moment.

So I wrote a poem.

Summer Has Gone

Summer has gone

And with it 

The buoyancy,

The sunlight,

And the freedom

From lack of virus 

That lulled us to the tunes of complacency

And has left our island fortress

With walls that leak

And those within unarmed against the foe without

In winter,

The race that was not a race

Has staggered and stumbled

To now

Where empty arms

And leaky vessels

Have locked us up

Disguised our faces

And left the sunlight 

Far behind

And now

As cold and rain and clouds descend

We are left

With only hope

That shared isolation

From each other

Will be our salvation 

Once more

And in so many homes

The ache of separation

Grows and builds

And breaks

The hearts of those 

Whose loved ones

Are un-hugged, untouched, un-kissed

Leonie Rogers 18/07/2021

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