How Old Are They?

Last night there were two television choices that appealed to me. 1. Masterchef (One of only two reality TV shows I enjoy) or 2. The debate between Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese. I looked at a bit of the commentary on the ABC website, but then decided that I really didn’t want to watch the debate and continued on to Masterchef.

Judging by today’s media articles, that was an excellent choice. Apparently, according to pretty well everything I’ve read today, including some of the live commentary, the two men basically shouted at each other, ignoring the moderator, and avoiding answering questions. They also didn’t address anything that the electorate wants to know about – in terms of their policies that is. (Which even according to my coal mining town’s general public includes: climate change, health, and education, and the future of the country for those who are young.)

The question that comes to mind is: How old are they?

I mean, seriously, shouting at each other? Ignoring pleas from the moderator? Interrupting?

Where are their manners? They’re ‘modelling’ behaviour that we wouldn’t accept from a three year old.

Where is the care for our country? Where are the plans? Isn’t there more than shouting at each other? All that does is irritate the electorate, and alienate it further. And if it doesn’t alienate it then it makes people believe that nothing will ever change, and that their vote doesn’t matter.

As Sammy J sings here. (Warning, there is some language that people might find offensive.)

And remember, that’s also how they behave in parliament.

I have no respect for adults who behave like that. None at all. And certainly not from people who aspire to lead our country.

For heavens sake, grow up!

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