It’s International Women’s Day

It's been interesting reflecting today on the changes to the status to women over my lifetime. Many are positive, but in some ways, things remain difficult, complicated, and still require much change. I'm in my mid fifties. I think my generation was probably the first generation to know we women would have careers that didn't … Continue reading It’s International Women’s Day



I thought long and hard about whether I'd join in on this hashtag, but in the end, I thought it was too important to let the opportunity pass by. Most of the time the header goes something like: "Me too... If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote 'Me too' as … Continue reading #MeToo

Fight Like a Girl

I was at the movies a couple of days ago, and the new Transformer's trailer popped up. Now, I'm not really a Transformers fan - they were tolerable at one point, but I stopped watching after seeing whichever one it was that had a gratuitous up the skirt shot at the beginning, and no real … Continue reading Fight Like a Girl

Granny Undies…

Yesterday, one of the most ridiculous stories I've ever seen was published on the Daily Mail. The title was "Sunrise host Sam Armytage dares to bare with granny panties showing a visible line as she steps out in Sydney... after slamming rumours she's dating Channel Seven colleagues." I'm not going to link to the article … Continue reading Granny Undies…

Pondering Ethics In The Real World, And The Worlds Of Our Imaginations.

I've been watching a few Goodreads threads this week, and also a few threads on Facebook in a couple of group I participate in. They've been about a variety of things, but mostly about sexism and exploitation.I was struck by the variety of reasoning used by the various posters.There were discussions about historical accuracy in … Continue reading Pondering Ethics In The Real World, And The Worlds Of Our Imaginations.

Thoughts on Women in Media (or one of my hobby horses).

This week I read a fabulous blog piece by Cori Schumacher, a surfer and writer.  You can read it here.  It got me thinking again.  Thinking about the way women are viewed in different cultures, and how even cultures that believe they are the most liberated, still seem to need to reduce women to the … Continue reading Thoughts on Women in Media (or one of my hobby horses).