Rogue One

I went and saw Rogue One last night with my husband. It's always a bit interesting when you go and see a new Star Wars movie. I was 11 when I saw A New Hope. I can still remember sitting astounded as the Imperial Star Destroyer seemed to fly directly over my head. It was … Continue reading Rogue One

New Video Trailer for Frontier Incursion!

Frontier Incursion, book one in the Frontier Series, now has a brand new book trailer! You can view it on youtube at

The Never Ending Agent Issue.

Although I've had one book published, and another is to be published shortly, I don't have an agent.  I'm not self published (thank you Hague Publishing!), and not really in a position for agent hunting right now, due to my current publishing commitments, but I was prompted to think about the whole agent thing again … Continue reading The Never Ending Agent Issue.

Frontier Incursion to be Published in Paperback March 2014!

This is the fabulous cover for Frontier Incursion's paperback version. It will go to print in March next year. The sequel, Frontier Resistance, will also be published in eBook form in 2014. Both books are to be published by Hague Publishing.

A Moment of Respite

“Come on you lazy thing!” Sarah extended a hand, and pulled Aaron the last few steps up the sloping granite rock face above the peppermint scrub.  He dropped his pack beside hers, and the two of them turned towards the panorama spread out below.  A small breeze flicked the hair escaping from under Sarah’s hat, … Continue reading A Moment of Respite

Writing strong female characters.

I recently read another blog post regarding the writing of real female characters.  It was a really interesting read, and highlighted the issues that writers face when they attempt to avoid misogyny.  I'm a female writer, and when I set out to write my first published story, I deliberately wrote about a strong female character … Continue reading Writing strong female characters.

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (reposted from my Goodreads Blog)

 I was recently tagged in "The Next Big Thing Blog Hop" by Janis HIll. If you google "The Next Big Thing Blog Hop" you'll be presented with list after list of authors, all answering the same ten questions about their latest book or work in progress. It's a fantastic idea!Janis' book "Bonnie's story: A hairdresser's … Continue reading The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (reposted from my Goodreads Blog)

Cover Page Frontier Incursion

Frontier Incursion. Cover art by Emma Llewelyn. Today I decided to begin a blog, and I thought that I'd like to begin by featuring the wonderful art of my cover artist, Emma Llewelyn.  Emma's an artist who works primarily in pastels and graphite.  When I asked her to consider creating a picture for the cover … Continue reading Cover Page Frontier Incursion