What A Week!

This week Frontier Incursion went on sale. And for a brief moment, (well two days, actually). it was a number one bestseller on amazon.com.au and also Kobo. It was a very exciting moment, so I took a screenshot just to make sure I never forget. It's an exciting moment for an author, even if it's … Continue reading What A Week!


Frontier Resistance Launch – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the official launch date for Frontier Resistance. It's the second book in my Frontier Series, and continues the tale of Shanna and her friends as they confront the alien invaders. 'The Garsal have landed and Frontier has changed forever. Even as Shanna and her friends struggle to master their new gifts before the … Continue reading Frontier Resistance Launch – Tomorrow!


It's only a few days now until Frontier Resistance is published, and apart from thinking about that, I've been thinking about cats. Why might you ask? I think it's because I enjoy writing about them, and they form a very important part of the Frontier Series. I am, very definitely, a cat person. Even now … Continue reading Cats

Continuum X – Next Weekend’s activity!

Next weekend I'll be at my very first Science Fiction Convention - Continuum X: Carnival of Lost Souls, in Melbourne. Although I've always loved reading Science Fiction, and now writing it, I've never been to one, as we've always lived in remote, and now rural, Australia.It's really interesting when you tell people that you're going … Continue reading Continuum X – Next Weekend’s activity!

Writing, Writing and Continuing to Dream

It's been busy. We've just come back from three weeks overseas in Canada and the US, and I'm about to launch back into my day job, while of course continuing to write.Hague Publishing has just sent the file of Frontier Incursion to the printer. It was released as an eBook in late September 2012, and … Continue reading Writing, Writing and Continuing to Dream


I'm in the middle of editing the manuscript for Frontier Resistance, and I'm finding it an interesting process, the second time around. It's not enormously different, but it is less confronting and less daunting. I've spoken at a few events about my first book, and I've usually described the manuscript acceptance notification as "interesting."  There's … Continue reading Editing

After the First Published Book

Frontier Incursion was published at the end of 2012, and for the better part of the last fifteen months I've been writing nearly every day.When I began writing Frontier Incursion, I thought I'd finish the whole story in one book.  After I'd written about 150,000 words I realised that I wasn't anywhere near the end at … Continue reading After the First Published Book