Writing, Writing and Continuing to Dream

It’s been busy. We’ve just come back from three weeks overseas in Canada and the US, and I’m about to launch back into my day job, while of course continuing to write.

Hague Publishing has just sent the file of Frontier Incursion to the printer. It was released as an eBook in late September 2012, and will be released in paperback print on demand in March this year. It’s sequel, Frontier Resistance, will be released as an eBook this year.

I’ve been all over the place as a result. (in a writerly kind of way, that is – I’m not really alluding to our fabulous holiday, but I could… No, back to the subject at hand!

There were the first round of edits of Resistance, which I completed just before we left to go overseas, and the proofreading of Incursion while overseas and over this last week of holidays, and then the first draft of what is tentatively labelled Nemesis which continues to be ongoing.

Today I was saying to my husband that if I could write solidly every day I think I’d be churning out about a book every three months. Obviously that was because I’ve had a pretty good writing week. It’s been one of those weeks when the words have just poured themselves onto the page. It may be possible that in a few weeks I’ll re-read those words and discard half of them, or label chunks of them with scene names and shove them into a folder for use somewhere else, but it was nice to feel those words flowing.

I think it’s the dilemma that most emerging writers experience – the balancing act of working the job that pays, the children and family and getting enough writing done. Sometimes I go and hide at a cafe and write. When I’m there, I’m not distracted by internet, housework, kids, pets or feeling obliged to do some CPD.

One day I’d love to just write. To write every day if I can, and produce characters and stories that keep my readers with their noses buried in my books. It’s a dream, but five years ago my dream was just to become a published author, and now that dream is a reality.

When I talk to kids about writing, one of the things I always like to say, is that if you never try, you’ll never know. Dreams can never become reality if you never take that first step.

I think I’ll keep writing.



6 thoughts on “Writing, Writing and Continuing to Dream

  1. A must! Then again a visit to prime chocolatier cafe for hot choc and extras is the reward for writing. I attempt it at least once a month so must keep writing. 😉

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