What a Weekend! (And it’s still not quite over…)

Well, Frontier Resistance is now officially launched. Friday night, at the opening function of the Scone Literary Long Weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to speak in front of nearly 100 people about eBooks, and how a brand new eBook is published, and then read from the first chapter of Resistance to officially launch the book.

Resistance is the second book in the Frontier Series. It’s officially YA science fiction, like its predecessor Frontier Incursion, but Incursion seems to have appealed to adults and cat lovers as well as young adult readers, judging by the feedback I’ve received. (I might add that one of my best performed blog posts is on Cats, so perhaps I should just write about our furry friends forever.)

Thank you to all of the purchasers of both books. As the author, I always feel honoured that someone has chosen to read what I’ve written, and although Incursion has now been published for two years, it’s still a funny (in a good way) feeling. Sometimes I can’t believe that one of my long held dreams has come true.

Today I participated in a panel that discussed the future of the printed word, with Phillip Adams, Dom Knight, Julie-Anne Ellem, Kate Mailer and Mike Pritchard. It was ably moderated by Jill Emberson. It was a fascinating panel, and we did gallop off onto a few tangents – namely the online world, social media, the sense of community, the smell of books, and (briefly) politics.

It was encouraging to hear from a number of the audience members that they could have kept listening, and that the time (an hour!) was possibly too short. It would have been a lovely topic to continue to discuss, and apparently most of the audience would have enjoyed participating in the discussion themselves. I’d say that it means that the topic was well chosen.

Tomorrow we’ll finish off Scone’s inaugural Literary Long Weekend with readings from members of three of the local writers groups. The session will be compered by Anthony Scully from the ABC. If you haven’t checked out some of the things he facilitates, you really should wander over to ABC Open, and have a browse.  If you look closely, you’ll discover that I have a couple of pieces on there – one on ‘The Odd One Out‘ and the other one on ‘Bully.’


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