Frontier Resistance Launch – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the official launch date for Frontier Resistance. It’s the second book in my Frontier Series, and continues the tale of Shanna and her friends as they confront the alien invaders.

‘The Garsal have landed and Frontier has changed forever. Even as Shanna and her friends struggle to master their new gifts before the Garsal enslave them all, Council infighting threatens the new alliance. But only by uniting do the Scouts, their starcats, and the Starlyne have any chance of surviving, and time is running out for the people of Frontier.’

It’s an exciting moment, and one that is part of a long held dream to be a published author.

Here’s a link to the trailer for Frontier Incursion since for whatever reason, WordPress won’t let me upload it directly.

Resistance carries straight on from Incursion, so it is worth reading Incursion first (shameless self promotion of first book), so that you know who the characters are, and what they’re all up to. I’ve had some lovely reviews from readers of the ARC, and some very helpful comments.

As a writer, you never really know how – or even whether – someone will enjoy/be impacted by/dislike the thing you’ve written until they’ve read it. Thank you to those who’ve picked the book up on Netgalley, read it, and taken the time to review it.

Many thanks to Andrew at Hague Publishing, who took a punt on an unknown writer, and let me introduce Shanna and her starcats to a wider audience, and who continues to work so hard on producing a quality product.

More than anything, thanks to my family. Thanks to Mal, who puts up with me writing for hours, and tirelessly plugs my book to his unsuspecting workmates, to Briana who test reads everything I write (couldn’t do it without you), and to Lach, who supplied much of the background drumming/marimba playing to my writing and then read Incursion and liked it. I find it highly amusing that sometimes the drumming has really helped me concentrate – I never thought I’d say that when you began playing at thirteen! Love to you all.

You can purchase either of my books on Hague Publishing’s site, or from any of the major eBook platforms.

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