Being Busy, Yet Again.

As I write, I’m sitting here in my pyjamas, trying not to fall asleep.

It’s Sunday evening, and I’ve spent today and yesterday helping to ‘bump in’ our local production of The Sound of Music. I still have paint under my fingernails, despite the shower, and I’m rather tired. However, I’m home, and some of the crew are still working hard.

We perform in two and a half weeks, and we run over three weekends, so if you’re in the Upper Hunter, pop along and see the show. I’m Sister Margaretta – the nun who likes Maria, and we have a truly wonderful cast and crew.

In addition to that, I’ve finished the proofreading of the paperback version of Frontier Defiant – the final book in my Frontier Trilogy. You can pre-order it now on most major book platforms, or from Hague Publishing. The official release date of Defiant is the twenty-sixth of August, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Add to that, the federal election – voting day was yesterday, although due to bump in, I pre-polled. We’re now awaiting the verdict, and so far it looks as if we might be waiting for several days for the outcome, due to the neck and neck nature of the race. And if it looks as if neither major party will have enough seats to form a government, we might be voting again.

Well, the fatigue is catching up fast, so I think I’ll stop writing and fold the washing, as it’s too early to crawl into bed.



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