Finally Back and Writing Again

Last weekend marked the end of our local production of The Sound of Music. After six months of hard work, eight shows, and eight standing ovations, we turned the local high school hall back into a hall, and left the mountains of Austria.

I spent the months pretending to be Sister Margaretta, while helping teach harmony singing, and filling in for whoever was away at each rehearsal. Over the months, I was Liesl, Maria, the Captain, Frau Schmidt, Marta, Gretl, Max, Elsa, Franz and Rolf. There are a few very dodgy pictures floating around with me dancing to Do Re Mi and So Long Farewell.

On that subject, here’s a few, because everyone needs a Sound of Music photo.

And in just two weeks, Frontier Defiant will be launched into the world. I’m in the throes of trying to organise an official launch while awaiting the arrival of the paperbacks so that I’ll have everything on hand.

It’s getting rather exciting!

And now I’m about to embark on an hour or two of writing, which has been sadly neglected over the last few weeks of performances and fun.



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