Hot, Hot, Hot…

It’s hot. It’s been hot for days, and it’s getting hotter again tomorrow and Tuesday. And after that, it’ll just be averagely hot.

When you consider that I spent sixteen years living in the Pilbara, you’d think I’d be used to heat. Well, maybe I was once, but I think I’ve had enough now. Maybe I should move to Antarctica.

We’re in the middle of an ongoing heatwave here in the Upper Hunter if you haven’t figured that out from my last two paragraphs. Some days are cooler – by that I mean they get down to thirty degrees celcius during the day. (86F). We’ve had one night that only got down to 34C (93.2F) at night.

Now, my old Pilbara friends probably think I’ve become weak and sooky, but I reckon I did enough hot days in those sixteen years, to make up for about thirty or forty normal summers.

Bring on the snow…if it snowed here…I’ll just have to hope for an early winter.

Whinge over.



2 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot…

  1. I wish we could come up with some type of a weather compromise. We have snow, snow and then more snow, two weeks ago the wind chill was 100 below zero Fahrenheit. It seems like we did a lot better years ago before they had such a thing as wind chill charts. You are talking about 90+ degrees Fahrenheit during the night hours. I would find that unbearable! Wishing you a cool breeze from any direction.

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