Today has an ominous feel to it. It's the second day of extreme heat here, and now there's a howling gale. The fire danger is described as catastrophic, and there's just a hint of smoke on the breeze, which is probably coming from Cassilis/Dungog way. There's a fire out there, which is burning with so … Continue reading Ominous


Hot, Hot, Hot…

It's hot. It's been hot for days, and it's getting hotter again tomorrow and Tuesday. And after that, it'll just be averagely hot. When you consider that I spent sixteen years living in the Pilbara, you'd think I'd be used to heat. Well, maybe I was once, but I think I've had enough now. Maybe … Continue reading Hot, Hot, Hot…

Storm Time

After years living in the PIlbara, we moved to the Hunter Valley. One of the most wonderful things about the Pilbara was the weather. Pilbara weather is dramatic. For much of the year it's hot, but not 'just' hot. If you live on the coast, the heat is like being smothered in a thick, wet, … Continue reading Storm Time