If you look at the image above, you can see the fire danger ratings across NSW tomorrow. We live in number 3. The Greater Hunter.

Tonight isn’t hot, just comfortable, and there’s no wind. Tomorrow’s forecast is for 36-38 degrees (C), and high winds. It’s going to be hot, windy, and the fire danger is rated as ‘Catastrophic.’

And it’s only November.



We still have the end of November, and then all of summer to go, and probably a bit of Autumn too, until the fire season is over. This year looks like no other in NSW’s history.

So far, the fires have been dreadful on the north coast. Hopefully, with all the preparation people are putting in around here, things will be just fine.

We’re on the edge of town, but many people we know live on rural properties out of town. They already have limited water due to the drought. Dams that would normally be used as sources for refilling helicopters, fire trucks and water trucks, are already empty.

Hopefully things will be fine everywhere. Hopefully people will be safe, and stay safe, and our firies will be safe too.

It looks just fine, right now. So deceptive.

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