It Rained – on Both Sides of the Continent!

It has rained.

Not everywhere, but in many places across this dry and dusty continent. In some places, they’ve gone from drought-dry, fire-scorched landscape to flooded.

It’s a rain event to provide much hope across at least parts of Eastern Australia. Here, in my home town, it has rained. Not nearly enough to break the drought, but enough to turn the landscape green, and provide us with some cooler weather. It’s incredibly refreshing.

The rain has come in varied quantities however, with some areas missing out completely, while others are neck deep in water.

We need enough for run-off to occur. In some places, this has happened. It’s probably an Australian thing, but as it’s rained, I’ve seen several videos of people watching the creeks and rivers begin to flow for the first time in months. It’s mesmerising.

On the other side of the continent, WA is burning in the south, and a cyclone has just crossed the Pilbara coast in the north west.

Friends who live in Karratha went through the eye, and I was very glad to see them post that they are safe, despite the completely trashed garden and fallen trees surrounding them. From other comments it seems that others haven’t been as fortunate, with descriptions of waterfalls inside their houses, and images of disintegrated roofs and fences.

We’re a continent of extremes. But everywhere, no matter how torrential, rain brings hope.


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