Countdown to New Book, and the Great Toilet Paper Crisis

The 17th of April now is only about six weeks away. That’s when Amethyst Pledge will be officially launched. It’s been up for a few weeks on Netgalley as an ARC with some pleasing reviews. The launch will be held at one of our local cafes, Double Picc, where part of the story was written, and a large amount of it has been edited.

The link to the event is here.

I’m really looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!

In additional news, due to panic buying as a result of fear of the Novel Coronavirus, Australia now has, of all things, a sudden lack of toilet paper. It has galloped off the shelves, leaving food, drink, and medication behind.

I am somewhat gobsmacked. I’ve had two emails about it – one from Woolworths, where we usually shop, assuring me that there is plenty of paper being manufactured in Australia, and that they’ll have it back on the shelves in no time. The other came from Who Gives a Crap, where we actually purchase our toilet paper. They’ve had to mark their website out of stock. (And by the way, you should check them out. They build toilets in developing countries with some of their profits, and their paper is ethically sourced. And who doesn’t want a box of loo paper to arrive in a box that says ‘You have a nice bum.’)

Of course, we are now in meme central as a result. And many are very creative.

But now I feel incredibly wealthy. We still have over thirty rolls of toilet paper here as a result of buying it by the box from Who Gives a Crap. Maybe I should take some photos, just to remind us of that moment in 2020…


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