There Are

There are times

When evidence is not enough

For some who think 

They know

And are 

More than those

Whose lives

Have been devoted 

To humanity’s survival 

There are those

Whose eyes do not

Peer through scopes

But see


More truth

From memes

Or YouTube

Than evidence in journals

There are problems

When the doubts

Of those whose minds

Have run

Down holes

In spirals

Of self


Falsehoods online in cyberspace

There are some

Who think their wants

And selfish comfort

Should let

Them flout

The rules

That keep

Their fellows

Safe from pathogenic ills

There are these

Who hide their minds

From what is plain

In sight

Not hid

Nor based

In fraud

Or complicated

Schemes to wound and kill

There are days

When some who should know more

Spout perfidy


Of truth

Or hope

Shout lies

But not

Give credence to loves that have been lost

There is hope

When most step forward

Embrace community

And do

And love

And trust

And act

To place themselves

Before the vulnerable

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