Back After a Computer ‘Moment’

You know that moment that you dread? The one when you’re happily using your laptop, and without warning, the screen goes completely black? That happened several weeks ago.

So, after googling (on my phone) a variety of fixes, none of which worked, it was necessary to call (an actual voice call!) for help. An hour or two later, and it was clear that repair was required. BUT…we were in lockdown, so there was no way for me to drive the 100km required to get the gadget repaired.

Pickup was organised, and about ten days later, my laptop was finally collected. Repairs took twenty four hours (complete display replacement), and then a few more days and the laptop was returned.

Of course, one day after the ‘black screen moment’ I received an email from my publisher with the current round of edits for Book 2 in the Chronicles of Albatar – Dark Days. But, finally, today, I can actually get on with them. Yay!

This time around I’m hopeful that I might get to do a real, live, launch. Last year, Amethyst Pledge was launched from our living room, in lockdown, with the assistance of a cat. (And also my husband.) You can find the video on my facebook page. Clearly, the cat stole the show.

At the moment, things could go either way. It’ll depend on a fair few things – mostly Covid related, unfortunately. Will we be back in lockdown? If we’re out of lockdown, how many people will be allowed to attend? Will there be an earthquake? Or a fire? Or perhaps a flood? Australia’s done all of these things in the past twenty four months. We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll have to discuss a living room launch again with all of the cats. (And my husband.)

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