Shaking My Head

I logged on to social media this evening after a few weeks when other, much more important things, have taken precedence.

Of course, almost the first thing I saw, was a comparison of Covid vaccination to Nazi Germany taking control. That was followed up by someone else posting about how Covid 19 ‘doesn’t exist.’ I’ve titled this post ‘Shaking My Head’ because I’m continually gobsmacked by this stuff.

I mean, it’s been almost two years of pandemic news. Sure, Australia and New Zealand have been relatively mildly impacted compare to many places, but I still see people denying that Covid exists. Given that I know people who have had Covid, I really struggle to understand how someone can deny this. I know people whose friends and relatives have died.

But seriously – if you think it’s all a conspiracy, how do you believe that every single world government has agreed to said conspiracy? I mean, they can’t even decide which side of the road we should all drive on. And we’ve all just seen what’s happened at the COP summit.

For those who believe Covid is real, but deny that it’s a problem, what do you say to those who are unwell? Or whose family members have died? A person I know, told me that they have to walk away from those who say such things, because his overseas family has lost multiple family members, and those kind of denialisms make him want to thump them.

And comparing vaccinations to Nazi Germany? Really? How insulting to the millions killed, maimed and imprisoned by the actions of the Third Reich. It’s a public health matter. By all means, refuse a vaccination – but be prepared to accept the consequences of your own actions.

I’ve heard people say ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated because I’ve been told I should.’ How old are you? Three?

I’ve heard others say ‘I don’t want to be vaccinated because of all the ingredients…they’re unknown… and dangerous.’ Note to these people – the ingredients are freely available. You can find a list of the Australian approved vaccine ingredients here. If the words sound scary, look them up, but that link explains things very simply. And if you’re worried about funny sounding ingredient lists, then perhaps you shouldn’t eat fruit. Click here for a link to their ingredients.

And the apparent ‘division’ between vaccinated and unvaccinated – it’s to protect the unvaccinated, who the recent outbreak in NSW has clearly demonstrated are much more likely to contract Covid 19 and become severely ill.

It also protects the more vulnerable – immunocompromised, elderly, and those who for one (genuine) reason or other, are unable to be be vaccinated. The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance has a great fact sheet about the risks with figures taken directly from this year’s NSW outbreak. TL:DR – vaccines work.

I’ve heard pretty well every conspiracy theory cited from people who I once thought were sensible, rational and reasonable. I’m not sure why so many have wandered into conspiracy wonderland, but it really disturbs me. Here’s a list of ‘Is it true?’ questions on a government website. Yes, it’s a government website, but I really don’t think the government wants to kill or disable all its taxpayers. That would dry up the tax dollars very effectively, I think. And those tax dollars pay their salaries.

But seriously people, if you know me personally, you’ll know what kind of person I am. I’m not a genius. I do work in Allied Health. I am reasonably well educated. I write science fiction and fantasy as well. But Covid-19 is not fantasy, nor fiction. It’s real. And I care about my family and friends. Please get vaccinated.

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