Rogue One

I went and saw Rogue One last night with my husband. It's always a bit interesting when you go and see a new Star Wars movie. I was 11 when I saw A New Hope. I can still remember sitting astounded as the Imperial Star Destroyer seemed to fly directly over my head. It was … Continue reading Rogue One

Thinking About All Kinds of Stuff

There are some weeks when I just think a lot. This week I've been thinking about all kinds of things. A lot of them have been Halloween related - for several reasons. The first reason is that I have a short story in the anthology The Cat the Crow and the Cauldron which is by a … Continue reading Thinking About All Kinds of Stuff

The New Star Wars Movie

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars Movie. I was twelve when the first Star Wars movie was released. I remember going to the theatre with my brother, who was seven at the time, and being astounded by the special effects, and the sheer hugeness of what I was seeing on the … Continue reading The New Star Wars Movie