How much can you fit into one week?

It’s been a busy one.  I’m probably exaggerating though, when I suggest that you couldn’t have fitted anything more into the week.  But it’s Sunday night and I’m finally sitting down to write something on this blog after what seems never ending frenetic activity.

Of course, as soon as I got organised, Nosey (cat) decided it was necessary to lie right across my hands and drape bits of himself onto the keyboard and trackpad.  Very helpful. Not.  There’s a reason his other name is “Monster Kitten.”

We’ve just had a week where it feels like we’ve been running from place to place, juggling work, kids, writing, (pets), the housework which has been sorely neglected  (it was looking highly likely that there would be no work or school clothes for anyone at one point) and the signing of the contract for the sequel to Frontier Incursion.

Yes.  I’m going to write it again, just because I can.  Last week I signed my second book contract with Hague Publishing.  Frontier Incursion will have a sequel published sometime in the next twelve months, called Frontier Resistance.  I’m also fortunate enough to have the cover art again being created by Emma Llewelyn, who so cleverly understood my descriptions of starcats and turned them into the fabulous art that is my first book cover.  

I’m afraid that this week looks very much like the last one.  It involves parent teacher interviews, work, meetings, award ceremonies for the young writers competition at our school, my husband’s 25 year dinner for his work, and now a rat apparently needs to go to the vet.  First world problems…

And the federal election of course.  Australia goes to the polls next Saturday to vote on the federal government for the next three years.  In the world of my dreams that would mean having options that include humanitarian politicians who are truly working for the betterment of all, and not trying to decide on what seems the lesser of multiple evils.  But, in a world that seems to descend further and further into war and disaster, I need to remember that we Australians are extraordinarily blessed.  We live in a beautiful country that has a fabulous standard of living compared to so many places and we vote our government in and out of power as we see fit.  

Well, all I can say about this post is that it’s a bit of a ramble.  But it’s nice to sit unencumbered by cat and be able to type freely and let things splat out of my brain and onto the screen.  

Thank you for listening 😉


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