The War of the Worlds – In Real Time #6

Character four Lt Commander Roger Carver  Lieutenant Carver was HMS Thunder Child’s Third Officer during those crucial days in June 1897. Surviving the sinking of his ship he later joined the inventor Hiram Maxim’s assault on the Martian base at Woking.

The War of the Worlds – in Real Time #5

Character number 3  Lieutenant James Robert Dullanty (1870 – 1897) The youngest son of Sir John Dullanty, whose estate at Rotch Wood abutted the Queen’s estate at Balmoral. James, a god-son of Queen Victoria graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in 1892, and was commissioned a lieutenant in the Coldstream Guards’ 4th Company in … Continue reading The War of the Worlds – in Real Time #5

The War of the Worlds – In Real Time #2

Who are the authors of this novel approach to serialisation? Strangely enough, there's me! If you're not sure who I am, well a little introduction might be in order. I originally started this blog as a place to demonstrate my amazing writing skills and publicise my books. It turned into my soapbox. If you're wondering … Continue reading The War of the Worlds – In Real Time #2

The War of the Worlds – In Real Time #1

As June approaches, I thought I'd try and pop up semi-regular posts about the release of this upcoming project. So for the first post, I'll pop up the official release information, along with all the links. This has been a fascinating project to be a part of, and an entirely new way of releasing a … Continue reading The War of the Worlds – In Real Time #1

Coming Up In June!

For something completely different, check out The War of the Worlds - In Real Time, which is a collaborative project I'm involved in.  126 years ago, humanity faced the greatest threat to its existence with the Martian invasion. Recreated through the diaries, newspapers, and photographs of the time, and with the assistance of H.G. Wells’ … Continue reading Coming Up In June!

Cover Reveal…

Tomorrow, at midday, Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time, (AEDST), the cover for Dark Days, sequel to Amethyst Pledge, will be revealed. This means that the book itself is not too far away. Just a reminder about the cover of Amethyst Pledge: Fabulous, isn't it? Dark Days' cover is again done by the talented Jade Zivanovic … Continue reading Cover Reveal…

Amethyst Pledge Now Available

Amethyst Pledge is now officially available for purchase. It's the first book in my new fantasy series. Like my previous science fiction trilogy, it's published by Hague Publishing. We launched Live on Facebook, as due to COVID-19, we were unable to have the launch we'd initially planned at Double Picc, one of our local cafes, … Continue reading Amethyst Pledge Now Available

New Video Trailer for Frontier Incursion!

Frontier Incursion, book one in the Frontier Series, now has a brand new book trailer! You can view it on youtube at

Book Marketing

Last week I wrote about the never ending search that many authors face to attract an agent. Ideally, the author attracts an agent as a result of their scintillating writing, and the agent then miraculously opens the doors to the major publishing houses and all of a sudden there's an amazing contract on the author's … Continue reading Book Marketing

The Never Ending Agent Issue.

Although I've had one book published, and another is to be published shortly, I don't have an agent.  I'm not self published (thank you Hague Publishing!), and not really in a position for agent hunting right now, due to my current publishing commitments, but I was prompted to think about the whole agent thing again … Continue reading The Never Ending Agent Issue.