Merry Christmas

I grew up in Western Australia. At this time of year, I miss a particular thing that has always signified Christmas to me. It’s a Christmas Tree, or more particularly, the native tree that grows in WA, and flowers at this time of year.

Nuytsia Floribunda (Moodjar)

We called them Christmas Trees when I was a child, but more correctly, they’re called moodjar by the Nyungar people of Western Australia.

The spring wildflower season of WA is spectacular, and the moodjar always flowered at the very end, when it was growing hot, and Christmas was on the way. We’d look for them and point them out to each other when we were driving places in the car.

As normal, in Australia, this year’s Christmas will be hot and dry. Rarely is it cool. I always find it weird to hear ‘Dancing in a Winter Wonderland’ or ‘Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow,’ wafting from speakers in shopping centres.

Years ago at school, we learned other carols, more suited to Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. If you click on the carol name, it’ll take you to a link.

Three Drovers

Orana to Christmas Day

The Silver Stars are In the Sky

The North Wind

Island Christmas

Australian Jingle Bells

They get trotted out most years, but not as frequently as I’d like. (I like them, but not everyone does.)

However, welcome to the sound of warmth at Christmas, to all of you who live in different climes and may currently have chilly toes and frost outside.

But, no matter whether it’s hot or cold, may you have a Christmas full of family, friends, and warmth of heart as you celebrate.

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