Merry Christmas

I grew up in Western Australia. At this time of year, I miss a particular thing that has always signified Christmas to me. It's a Christmas Tree, or more particularly, the native tree that grows in WA, and flowers at this time of year. Nuytsia Floribunda (Moodjar) We called them Christmas Trees when I was … Continue reading Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas

Legs outstretched, Belly is full, Lying here, Cat is purring, It’s Christmas. Carols are sung, Story is read, Shepherds there, And wisemen too, It’s Christmas. Rain falls softly, Frog in the drainpipe, Echoes all round, Kettle is on. It’s Christmas. Gifts are given, Child is born, Paper on floor And Peace abounds. It’s Christmas.

Why I Like Christmas

Today is December the 8th, and Christmas is coming.  I love Christmas.  I love the tinsel, carols and cooking, the lights, the smells and the fun.  Most of all, I love the Christmas story.  This blog hasn't featured anything about my personal belief system, but today I decided that I'd write about it.  Personal beliefs … Continue reading Why I Like Christmas