Bird TV

I sat outside today, and watched what we call ‘Bird TV.’ We have three indoor cats, and they all enjoy watching birds visit, have baths, and eat from seedblocks. We got into the habit of making sure there’s always water and seed outside because of the drought.

We’ve now had some rain, but sadly, not nearly enough. However everything is currently green. It’s been as if the countryside has been trying to get in as much growing as possible since it rained.

As I type, I can hear a willy wagtail being bossy somewhere, and galahs and lorikeets squabbling over seed. Every now and then I can hear a crested pigeon take off or land. (They have a very distinctive sound.)

Anyway, it was absolutely lovely sitting outside doing nothing but watching and listening. In the midst of chaos, here’s some peace.

Note the lorikeets – two of – hogging the seedblock, while the galahs wait.

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