Dog Walking and Peace

I’ve just walked our dogs. I decided to walk them around the middle of the day on the grounds that I wouldn’t meet many people, therefore making physical distancing easier. I was correct about that.

What I forgot, was that the forecast today was for 27 degrees C. (80.6F). Our doggies were very excited to head out the door (as they always are), but after a little while, Diva dog – see below – decided she was a bit hot. Consequently, she spent the entire walking dawdling from shady patch to shady patch.

Diva dog not wanting to get off the bed, where she should not have been.

And there were flies. Sigh. Flies are part of Australia. I really wish they weren’t. They’re incredibly annoying. This year, summer was less ‘flyey’ than normal. I think even the flies didn’t enjoy the smoke or heat. But now, after a little rain, they’re out in droves, sitting on everyone’s backs, trying to land on your face, and generally hanging around.

Anyway, Diva Dog (aka Destructopuppy, aka Dhunky Pants, aka Dawdles, aka Trouble) trotted slowly along about twenty five metres behind me for most of the walk. Of course, I also had Jace with me. (aka Good Boy, Puppy Boy.) He had a lovely time sniffing everything, but also making sure I was accompanied at all times, and generally being a Very Good Boy.

Jace is always a Good Boy

Despite the flies, it was peaceful in a way it isn’t usually. Birds were making happy noises everywhere. I could hear the odd lawnmower working away, and occasionally a whipper snipper, but otherwise there was almost no human noise. The sky was blue and the air was clear. The clouds were making interesting shapes, and there was green grass all over the place.

I think the peace had a lot to do with the absence of human noise. Normally, on a Sunday afternoon, there’s the sounds of sport, and motor bikes, along with the associated chatter of the people watching the sport. Even in a rural community there’s a lot of human made noise.

It’s a reminder to me that sometimes you just need a bit of space with no-one in it except your dogs and the natural environment. It reminded me of times when we camped in the Pilbara. No sound but that of the bush. No light but the wide expanse of the Milky Way above. It’s like taking a deep breath for the soul.

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