Dog Walking and Peace

I've just walked our dogs. I decided to walk them around the middle of the day on the grounds that I wouldn't meet many people, therefore making physical distancing easier. I was correct about that. What I forgot, was that the forecast today was for 27 degrees C. (80.6F). Our doggies were very excited to … Continue reading Dog Walking and Peace

Bird TV

I sat outside today, and watched what we call 'Bird TV.' We have three indoor cats, and they all enjoy watching birds visit, have baths, and eat from seedblocks. We got into the habit of making sure there's always water and seed outside because of the drought. We've now had some rain, but sadly, not … Continue reading Bird TV

When Peace Is Shattered.

It's the time of year when everyone posts about Christmas. I was thinking I'd do the same thing, but then I decided that I'd be a bit different and post about something else. There's been a lot of stuff happening this year. For the first time, my husband and I have been 'empty nesters' - … Continue reading When Peace Is Shattered.