Forty Minutes Of My Life I Won’t Get Back

I was folding the washing this afternoon, and it was very hot outside, so I decided to watch something on Netflix. I'm not in the middle of anything in particular right now, so I decided to watch The I-Land. From the very start, I could tell it wasn't going to be a new favourite - … Continue reading Forty Minutes Of My Life I Won’t Get Back


Last Thursday it was R U OK Day here in Australia. R U OK Day is meant to remind people to ask their friends and workmates whether their mental health is OK. In theory, the day is meant to remind people that they should check in on their friends and workmates on a regular basis. … Continue reading R U OK?

What Makes Us More Than Shallow?

We live with privilege. We live in a developed country, have comfortable jobs, and leisure time, something that many in developing countries may never have. Over the last few weeks I've been reflecting on a variety of things. We've recently seen many friends deeply touched by sadness, sorrow, and loss. Yet still, all around us … Continue reading What Makes Us More Than Shallow?

Finding Love in This World

I've been a bit absent from this site recently, mostly due to my involvement in the local production of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid.' (Get your tickets here!) But last night, while I was catching up on the hundreds of emails accumulating on my computer, I had what I would now describe as the bad fortune, … Continue reading Finding Love in This World

Election Reflection

It's the day after the Federal election, here in Australia, and, like many Australian, I'm sitting here with very mixed feelings. Voting this time around has had me thinking pretty hard. Years ago, I would have voted without too much thought. My political opinions were much less nuanced than they are now and I like … Continue reading Election Reflection

A Time To Reflect

It's ANZAC Day in Australia. This year, we have two family members in the ADF. (Australian Defence Force). One will be marching for the first time. Our family has a history of service, with my father serving in the RAAF, along with several uncles, and another who was in the army, along with a grandfather … Continue reading A Time To Reflect