‘I bet I won’t get even one…’

For some reason this week, my social media feeds have been full of 'I bet I won't get even one like/share...' posts. I have no idea what provokes people to share images/comments like that. Or make them think everyone else will share them. Obviously some people do, but I don't. In fact, maybe it's just … Continue reading ‘I bet I won’t get even one…’

It’s Christmas

Legs outstretched, Belly is full, Lying here, Cat is purring, It’s Christmas. Carols are sung, Story is read, Shepherds there, And wisemen too, It’s Christmas. Rain falls softly, Frog in the drainpipe, Echoes all round, Kettle is on. It’s Christmas. Gifts are given, Child is born, Paper on floor And Peace abounds. It’s Christmas.