Smoke on the Horizon

I live in New South Wales, Australia, in a region called The Upper Hunter.  If any of you have been following the news this week, you'll know that NSW is currently experiencing an early start to one of the worst bush fire seasons we've experienced.As I write, the Blue Mountains are burning, with a fire … Continue reading Smoke on the Horizon

Of Cats…

I've been away from home for a week now, and I was speaking to my husband the other day, and checking to make sure that my cat was behaving himself.  His name is Nosey.  I've blogged about him before here, but only briefly.  Nosey, or Monster Kitten as he is otherwise known, is only a … Continue reading Of Cats…

Creepy Crawlies and Other Nasties

I was reading a thread on Goodreads recently, and on it, was a picture of a rather nasty looking centipede that one of the posters had discovered in her house.I was reminded of my own first face to face (or rather toe to face apparently) encounter with a centipede.  For many years my husband and … Continue reading Creepy Crawlies and Other Nasties

Tireless Research

When I'm not writing, I'm a physiotherapist.  Physiotherapists work with people to assist their recovery from injury and illness.  I'm a physio in a private practice. In private practice I treat post surgical patients, those with musculoskeletal injuries, neurological injuries, auto-immune disease, continence and womens health issues.  Some days I make splints and plaster limbs. It's … Continue reading Tireless Research

How much can you fit into one week?

It's been a busy one.  I'm probably exaggerating though, when I suggest that you couldn't have fitted anything more into the week.  But it's Sunday night and I'm finally sitting down to write something on this blog after what seems never ending frenetic activity.Of course, as soon as I got organised, Nosey (cat) decided it … Continue reading How much can you fit into one week?

A Moment of Respite

“Come on you lazy thing!” Sarah extended a hand, and pulled Aaron the last few steps up the sloping granite rock face above the peppermint scrub.  He dropped his pack beside hers, and the two of them turned towards the panorama spread out below.  A small breeze flicked the hair escaping from under Sarah’s hat, … Continue reading A Moment of Respite